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"Entrepreneurial Coaching" is an innovative process, which differentiates traditional consulting, mentoring, training or mentoring, performing a 90-minute session, executing a dynamic and experiential process, where the entrepreneur is available and hires the viability of his project. or venture.

The Entrepreneurial Coaching sessions are certified in sustainability, innovation, differentiation and financing of projects and / or business of your dreams, so that they are successful ventures!

The Entrepreneur is intended to clearly define his or her goal and start a diligent path towards its realization, conceiving as multiple valences and skills of the promoter, leader and decision maker of the whole process.

The recurrence of Entrepreneurial Coaching has increasingly grown and justified as a proven utility tool when applied to address corporate profitability and human resource management issues.

The entire study and process of enterprise regeneration is linked to the principles of innovation and respect for the environment and human flourishing. A vision for the future!

On an individual level, he has revealed a path with great results and great impact, with no process of motivation and reintegration of people into a new professional career, always seeking to match the profile of people and the job that is appropriate. It is about finding out who we are and being oriented towards achievement and effective action!


Given the economic and financial situation and the social crisis in which we live, it is inevitable that we will not feel its harsh consequences. Many of us have felt them for a long time. We no longer believe that we can decide and plan our lives; We have abandoned the dream that we can invest to find a job that will do us.

At the same time, small and medium-sized enterprises are bound by a containment regime that sometimes makes their continuity and profitability unfeasible.

Coaching EmpreendedorWhere to find solutions? We are all looking for ways and several professionals are able to present us their guidelines. At Entrepreneurial Coaching we entrust our lives, our concerns and problems to a work of rebuilding our personal and professional lives.

How it proceeds?

First phase: Self-analysis and self-knowledge work to regain self-esteem, to reflect on the difficulties of personal life and to assess your profile as a worker / entrepreneur.

Second phase: Active and concrete monitoring and construction of your work project and life dream (after financial evaluation study).

For Entrepreneurs

How to redeem your Company?

First phase: Evaluate your entrepreneur profile and decisions / actions in the past year. (Coaching and consulting)

Second phase: Situation study, proposals for rehabilitation and innovation. Actions for transformation (within the framework of requirements and awareness of financial, environmental and human sustainability).


About SBA Empreenda

SBA Empreenda assumes itself as an entrepreneur support entity, through our services SBA Empresas & SBA Training, aiming to enhance, support and develop new projects, new ideas or business restructuring.

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