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recrutamento selecao

People today are the main competitive advantage of organizations and have to be considered a very important strategic resource for their success.

In this aspect, SBA Empreenda plays a fundamental role in supporting new and existing companies that want to recruit employees for their activity in a short time.

We will find the candidate with the ideal and desired profile by the employer.

In this process, SBA Empreenda proposes to screen applications through specific and effective recruitment and selection techniques; and to match people with the right profile for the job.

recrutamento selecaoThe requesting company, through this service, has great advantages in saving resources in terms of time and also in ensuring that the selected person(s) actually have the skills they are looking for, guaranteeing excellent performance in the roles they will perform and can contribute for the growth and sustainable development of the organization.


About SBA Empreenda

SBA Empreenda assumes itself as an entrepreneur support entity, through our services SBA Empresas & SBA Training, aiming to enhance, support and develop new projects, new ideas or business restructuring.

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